Renegotiation of Hollywood Writers’ and Studios’ Contracts Falters

**Screenwriters and Hollywood Studios Fail to Resume Talks on New Contract**

Screenwriters and the Alliance of Motion Picture & Television Producers (AMPTP), the group representing big Hollywood studios, were unable to resume talks about a new contract on Friday. This was due to the AMPTP stating that they needed to consult with their members before proceeding. The two groups met for confidential discussions to lay the groundwork for official negotiations, which included requests from studio representatives for a press blackout. However, the Hollywood actors’ union later accused the other side of leaking details of the meeting.

**Parties Trade Barbs Amidst a Strike that Halts Film and TV Production**

The failure to resume negotiations comes three months into a strike that has significantly impacted film and TV production nationwide. As a result, the release of the upcoming “Ghostbusters” sequel has been postponed from December to March of next year. Additionally, Sony Pictures has pulled the release date for “Spider-Man: Beyond the Spider-Verse.” This labor dispute has caused turmoil in the entertainment industry.

**Writers Guild Remains Willing to Negotiate for a Fair Deal**

The Writers Guild of America negotiating committee expressed its willingness to engage with the studios and resume negotiations in good faith to achieve a fair deal for all writers. However, no agreement has been reached on the key items at this time due to the AMPTP’s need to consult with their member studios before moving forward.

**Accusations of Disinformation Campaign and Historical Precedent**

The guild accused the studios of orchestrating a disinformation campaign and suggested that the work stoppage was financially beneficial for them. They highlighted the fact that during the previous writers’ strike in 2007, talks resumed but ultimately fell apart once again. These accusations reflect the tense relationship between the two sides in the ongoing labor dispute.

**Producers’ Alliance Questions the Guild’s Willingness to Bargain**

The producers’ alliance, representing major media companies such as Walt Disney Co. and Netflix Inc., questioned whether the writers’ guild was a “willing bargaining partner.” They criticized the language used by the guild and considered it “unfortunate.” This further complicates the negotiations and suggests a lack of trust between the two parties.

**Demands of the Writers Guild and Impact on the Entertainment Industry**

The Writers Guild, with approximately 11,500 members, went on strike on May 2 to demand an 11% increase in their base pay, a share of revenue from streaming TV services, and job security against displacement by artificial intelligence. Alongside them, the Screen Actors Guild, consisting of 160,000 members, also made similar demands and went on strike last month. These twin labor actions, which haven’t occurred simultaneously in over 40 years, have forced major media companies to adjust their fall TV schedules and postpone new film releases. Furthermore, actors are prohibited from promoting their work during the strike.


With negotiations at a standstill, the ongoing strike continues to impact the entertainment industry, causing delays and uncertainty for upcoming films and TV productions. Both the screenwriters and the Hollywood studios need to find common ground and resume constructive talks to find a solution that satisfies the demands of the writers’ guild while ensuring the sustainability and profitability of the industry. The future of the negotiations remains uncertain, and only time will tell how the dispute will be resolved.

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