Remy de Tonnac- GP at ETF Partners, London: Mastering the Art of the Perfect Investor Pitch

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Welcome to an exciting event featuring fantastic companies in the field of electric aviation, additive drives, solar energy, and more! Join us as we showcase groundbreaking technologies and discuss their potential impact on the global market. We are thrilled to have the esteemed company of Ampaire, Kevin Noertker, Cory Combs, Dr. Jakob Jung, Yaron Suissa, Harold Wiener, Geyser Batteries, Andrey Shigaev, and our co-host Remy de Tonnac.

In this event, we aim to teach young entrepreneurs how to effectively communicate their visions to investors, accelerating the development and growth of their products. The first company we will be featuring is Additive Drives, a winner from the last ex-venture night. They have developed an exciting product that involves the printing of copper, a crucial component in the future of electric mobility. With thousands of different robotics and vehicles expected in the future, the need for efficient and customized electric motors is paramount. Additive Drives’ technology opens up possibilities for a completely electric transportation system tailored to customer demands.

Join us for an engaging discussion as we delve into these innovative solutions and explore the potential of clean technology investment.

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innovation, venture, startup, energy transition, batteries, investors, electric aviation, additive drives, solar energy


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This is going to Be an Awesome Event with Fantastic Companies! Ampaire Kevin Noertker Cory Combs our old friends from LA and their Electric Aviation Solution! Dr. Jakob Jung of Additive Drives (TBC), Yaron Suissa Harold Wiener of SolAround and Geyser Batteries Andrey Shigaev and of course our co-host for tonight Remy de Tonnac! #innovation #venture #startup #energytransition #energytransition #batteries #investors

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