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**Title: Amateur Nation Episode 226 – Anheuser-Busch’s Lack of Understanding, EV Safety, Ford’s China Decision, and More**


Welcome to another exciting episode of Amateur Nation with Lou Santini! In this week’s episode (Episode 226), we dive into some hot topics that you won’t want to miss.

First, let’s talk about Anheuser-Busch’s lack of understanding. It’s clear that they just don’t get it. We’ll explore their missteps and discuss why it matters.

Next, we’ll delve into the world of electric vehicles (EVs). While EVs are touted as the future of transportation, we’ll uncover some new, improved ways that EVs can be a safety concern. It’s essential to stay informed about the potential risks associated with this technology.

In addition, we’ll tackle Ford’s controversial decision to choose China over America. This move has raised eyebrows and sparked a heated debate. Discover the implications and consequences of Ford’s choice.

Are you familiar with the concept of “good progress” versus “bad progress”? We’ll explore this intriguing topic and shed light on the differences. It’s crucial to understand the impact of progress and how it can shape our future.

On the segment “A la Carte,” we’ll examine the interesting phenomenon of the world becoming “anti-hand.” Join us as we question this evolving trend and its implications for our daily lives. Plus, we call out the unrealistic portrayals of technology in movies and take a closer look at drag queen story hours.

On “3 Pro Things,” we have quite a lineup for you. Discover a prophetic book that you simply must read. We’ll also share a story about a politician who beats the commie crowd at their own game. And prepare to be amazed as we highlight a 12-year-old who shows more courage than Dylan Mulvaney.

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*THIS WEEK:* Anheuser-Busch just doesn’t get it.
*DRYBAR COMEDY SPECIAL: “Amateur Nation*”:

*New improved ways that EVs can kill you!
*Ford chooses China over America
*“Good Progress” v. “Bad Progress”

*On “A la Carte”:* When did the world become “anti-hand”?, I call “BS” on tech in movies, and drag queen story hours.

*On “3 Pro Things”:* a prophetic book you gotta read, a politician beats the Commie crowd at their own game, and a 12 year old has bigger balls than Dylan Mulvaney.

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