Reflecting on Elaia’s 2020 and the Promising Future to Come

## **Elaia: A Remarkable Year of Investment Activity and Liquidity Amidst the Chaos of 2020**

Welcome to Elaia’s YouTube channel! In this video, we reflect on the unprecedented challenges of 2020 and how they impacted venture capital. Despite the adversity, Elaia has adapted and achieved remarkable success.

As we navigated through the chaos, we remained committed to supporting our portfolio companies and reassessing our investment strategies. However, amidst the uncertainties, 2020 turned out to be one of our best years ever. We not only met our investment plan but also exceeded expectations, returning more money to our LPs than we invested in startups. This outstanding performance is something we are immensely proud of considering the circumstances.

#### **Highlights of Elaia’s Success in 2020**

1. Investment Activity & Liquidity: Despite the challenging times, Elaia’s investment activity was thriving. We raised an impressive amount of **[€52 million](** for Elia Alpha 2 Fund at the end of the year, demonstrating our ability to secure funding even during this unique period.

2. Growing Team: In 2020, Elaia expanded its team to 30 members. We maintained a perfect balance between financial expertise and entrepreneurial mindset, with a diverse team representing 10 nationalities, including 7 PhDs, and ensuring gender equality.

3. Astonishing Achievements: Our achievements in 2020 were undeniable. From a groundbreaking **unicorn startup to three successful exits**, including one partial exit, Elaia’s portfolio showcased the resilience and potential of deep tech early-stage investments. The current market climate, with large private equity players investing in deep tech, provides an excellent new source of liquidity.

#### **Why Invest in Deep Tech Early-Stage Companies?**

Investing in deep tech early-stage companies is a crisis-robust investment thesis. These companies possess cutting-edge technology and tangible assets, making them highly resilient in times of economic downturns. Additionally, early-stage investments offer the advantage of lower valuations and provide companies with ample time to develop their products without significant go-to-market pressures. In the face of the challenges posed by 2020, these advantages proved invaluable.

#### **The VCC Landscape and the Acceleration of Digital Transformation**

In 2020, the global crisis accelerated digital transformation, leaving a gap between organizations that embraced technological advancements and those that did not. The innovative power of entrepreneurs fused with transformative utilization of technology and machine learning, specifically in sectors like healthcare and life sciences, ushered in a new era of profound disruption. For businesses across various industries, it became evident that technology is no longer an option, but an imperative for success.

#### **Elaia: Scaling, Expanding, and Making a Mark**

Elaia’s journey began as a boutique VC, funding promising early-stage tech businesses. Today, we have experienced remarkable growth, with our portfolio’s value doubling over the past five years and assets under management reaching €450 million. Our dedicated multi-skilled teams cover various tech sectors, and we have embraced international collaborations, partnering with startups spun-off from foreign laboratories. We are committed to providing both performance and intelligence to our limited partners, fostering a culture of open innovation.

#### **Our Vision for the Future**

Looking ahead, Elaia is poised for vibrant growth. Our goal is to reach €1 billion under management within the next two to three years, expanding our international footprint and further developing our multi-stage investment vehicles. Our DNA, rooted in the principles of performance, technology, and care for entrepreneurial success, will continue to guide us as we foster respectful relationships with our team members, partners, and the incredible entrepreneurs we have the privilege to work with.

Join us on this incredible journey as we combine venture care, performance, and the transformative potential of tech for a brighter future!

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*Source: [ElaiaVentureCapital](*

The chaos of 2020 affected everyone but not in the same way. That holds true for venture capital. At Elaia, we had to adapt the way we supported our portfolio companies and questioned our investment theses. Despite that, it was still one of our very best years ever, especially in terms of investment activity & liquidity: while achieving our investment plan of the year, we managed to return more money to our LPs than we invested in startups. We are very proud of such a performance in this context!

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