Redmond’s Beneficial Partnership with Marketing Edge

**In this segment, Tvc Communications Commercial Director, Ronan Redmond, speaks on TVC Communications’ relationship with Marketing Edge.**

Welcome to Marketing Edge on TV, Nigeria’s leading initiative in the business of brand management. In this segment, we have the honor of hosting Ronan Redmond, the Commercial Director of Tvc Communications. Ronan will be sharing insights on the relationship between TVC Communications and Marketing Edge, shedding light on their collaborative efforts in the industry.

As a brand-focused show, Marketing Edge on TV brings you the latest developments and happenings in the world of marketing, advertising, and communications. We aim to provide you with thorough and in-depth discussions that promote the brand ideal.

During this episode, Ronan Redmond will discuss TVC Communications’ commitment to the brand management and marketing industry. He will share exclusive insights on how TVC Communications navigates the ever-changing landscape of integrated marketing communications, and the impact of their partnership with Marketing Edge.

TVC Communications, a leading independent broadcasting company in Nigeria, is the proud owner of TVC, TVC News, Max FM Lagos, and Adaba FM. They are renowned for their commitment to delivering high-quality content and engaging with their audience.

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Join us on this exciting episode of Marketing Edge on TV as we delve into the world of brand management and marketing with Ronan Redmond and explore the dynamic relationship between TVC Communications and Marketing Edge.

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In this segment, Tvc communications, commercial Director, Ronan Redmond speaks on TVC communications relationship with Marketing Edge.

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