Reaction Video: Pearl Trailer (2022 Horror Prequel to Ti West’s X)

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Today, I’m reacting to the trailer for the upcoming 2022 film, Pearl. With a release date of September 16th, this film promises to be a thrilling addition to the X universe. As I dive into the trailer, I can’t help but compare it to the previous film, X, which I thoroughly enjoyed. If you haven’t seen my review of X, be sure to check it out!

In the Pearl trailer, we’re introduced to a world where only one girl with the X Factor will be chosen. As the plot unfolds, we’re taken on a journey filled with suspense and intrigue. Will Pearl be the chosen one? You’ll have to watch the trailer to find out!

Overall, I’m excited for the release of Pearl and can’t wait to see how it plays out on the big screen. Don’t forget to subscribe for more trailer reactions and reviews. Stay tuned for my upcoming reaction to the Chucky trailer!

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