Rav Dhaliwal, Partner at Crane Ventures, Discusses the Importance of Customer Obsession at Slack

**Title: The Importance of Customer Success ft. Rav Dhaliwal | Back Yourself Show Podcast**

In this episode of the Back Yourself Show Podcast, we are joined by Rav Dhaliwal, Investor and Venture Partner at Crane Venture Partners. Rav takes us on a journey of his career, from working all around the world for companies like IBM to becoming the Head of Customer Success at Slack, and now an investor and venture partner.

Rav provides valuable insights into the world of customer success and why it is crucial for companies to prioritize it. He shares his experience in sales and explains how driving value for customers leads to revenue. He also talks about product-market fit, challenges in sales, and the qualities that make a good customer success employee.

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**### Timestamps ###**

0:00 – Introduction and welcome
0:45 – Rav’s background and experience in enterprise software
2:30 – Working in SaaS companies and the growth of the industry
4:15 – How Rav became involved with Crane Venture Partners
6:20 – The importance of customer success and the role it plays in driving revenue
8:45 – Challenges in sales and the need for value-based selling
10:30 – Understanding product-market fit
12:15 – Explaining NRI and its significance
14:30 – Qualities of a good customer success employee
16:00 – Adjusting communication style for different stakeholders
18:00 – Closing thoughts and future plans

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-This week we speak to Rav Dhaliwal, Investor and Venture Partner at Crane Venture Partners.

In this episode, Rav tell us how he went from travelling around the world working, to working in Saas businesses, to becoming the Head of Customer Success at Slack to now an investor and Venture Partner at Crane Venture Partners.

Rav explains exactly what Customer Success is and why it is so important for all companies to constantly focus on it.

In this episode, you will hear:

– How he worked all around the world for companies like IBM
– How he worked in Sass companies
– Rav shares that Crane tried to poach him multiple times but he only went when the time was right for him.
– Rav shares he took a break to understand what he wanted to do.
– Shares how he worked as Head of Customer Success at Yammer that lead to him working for Slack
– Rav shares that he was doing some public speaking about what is Customer Success is, when he caught the attention of Slack
– How Slack wanted him to come on board and he saw opportunity not only for him but to build a whole new side of the company.
– Rav explains what is customer success
– He talks about the challenges in sales and how to get around them
– How when selling you are constantly to trying to add value to customers
– How to understand product-market fit
– Explains what NRI is and why you want that number to be over 100%
– Rav shares what type of person makes a good customer success employee
– Rav shares the importance of adjusting your communications style from colleague to client.

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