Rampraveen Swaminathan Explores Carbon Neutrality Strategies at the ET Boardroom Dialogue 2023

**Title: Decarbonizing Freight and Green Warehousing: Mahindra Logistics’ Journey to Carbon Neutrality by 2040**

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In this ET Boardroom Dialogue 2023, join Rampraveen Swaminathan, the MD & CEO of Mahindra Logistics, as he discusses the company’s strategies for achieving carbon neutrality by 2040. As a prominent industry leader, Swaminathan shares insights into decarbonizing freight, transitioning to electric vehicles (EVs) and compressed natural gas (CNG), investing in green warehousing, and embracing circularity in operating processes.

#### **Decarbonizing Freight for a Sustainable Future**
With freight being the largest part of Mahindra Logistics’ business, the company has made significant investments in decarbonization. Already, 30% of their last mile intercity logistics vehicles are electric, with an additional 20% being CNG-powered. Mahindra Logistics continues to explore hydrogen and liquefied natural gas (LNG) as alternative fuels, with ongoing pilots and experiments. Such efforts demonstrate their commitment to reducing their carbon footprint in the logistics sector.

#### **Investing in Green Warehousing**
Recognizing the importance of sustainable infrastructure, Mahindra Logistics has prioritized green warehousing. Nearly 30% of their large warehousing facilities are now energy neutral, certified by the Indian Green Building Council (IGBC). By leveraging environmentally-friendly measures and technologies, Mahindra Logistics reduces energy consumption and contributes to a greener future.

#### **Embracing Circularity in Operating Processes**
Circularity plays a vital role in Mahindra Logistics’ sustainability journey. This entails adopting change management principles to transform operating processes. From facilities management to pallet production, Mahindra Logistics incorporates renewable and recycled materials, such as pallets made from renewable resources. These initiatives not only minimize waste but also promote a circular economy within the logistics industry.

#### **Advocacy and Accountability for a Collective Impact**
To accelerate the transition to a sustainable future, Mahindra Logistics emphasizes advocacy and accountability. Through collaboration with customers, the company actively engages in joint initiatives to reduce their collective carbon footprint. Mahindra Logistics provides tools to measure customers’ carbon footprint while offering support in achieving sustainability goals. Internally, the company has incorporated sustainability performance as part of its annual performance evaluation, fostering a culture of accountability and driving progress.

#### **Setting Targets and Achieving Milestones**
Mahindra Logistics is committed to tangible results. By 2026, they aim to reduce their carbon emissions by approximately 50% in scope 1 and scope 2 categories. The company is currently on track to exceed these targets in certain areas, reflecting their dedication to continuous improvement. However, Mahindra Logistics acknowledges that more still needs to be done to address the pressing challenge of climate change effectively.

Join this thought-provoking conversation, as Mahindra Logistics sets a trend in the logistics industry by decarbonizing their fleets, promoting EVs and hydrogen-powered vehicles. Discover how collaboration and innovation can have a multiplier effect in reducing scope 3 emissions, making a tangible impact towards a more sustainable India.


Discussing our journey to become carbon neutral by 2040 with other prominent industry leaders at the ET Boardroom Dialogue 2023, our MD & CEO, Rampraveen Swaminathan shared our strategies for reaching this goal by decarbonising freight which is the largest part of our business, transitioning 30% of our last mile vehicles to EVs and 20% is CNGs, investing in green warehousing and adopting circularity in our operating processes.

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