Raising capital: Antonio Giménez de Córdoba’s journey with Seaya Ventures

**YouTube Video Description: Charla de Startup Grind Barcelona (15-5-20)**

Welcome to the Startup Grind Barcelona online event. As you may know, we usually have monthly offline events at the Movistar Center in Barcelona, where we interview leading entrepreneurs and investors. However, due to the current circumstances with the coronavirus, we had to postpone this event and move it online.

Startup Grind is the largest community of entrepreneurs in the world, with over 600 chapters in 135 countries. In Barcelona, we are proud to be one of the leading chapters, hosting 74 in-person events, three international conferences, and now transitioning into the online world.

We have already hosted more than a dozen online events, and we are continuing at a pace of two events per week. However, as the online event landscape becomes more saturated, we will gradually return to our regular frequency.

In this video, we have Antonio Jiménez de Córdoba, partner at Desea Ventures, a well-known cloud-focused venture capital firm based in Madrid. Antonio will be sharing insights about their portfolio and their investment strategy.

Desea Ventures has been operating since 2013, investing in technology-based companies across various sectors. They prefer to invest in companies with a good performance track record and have the capacity to invest up to 15 million euros per company.

As a relatively concentrated portfolio, Desea Ventures focuses on supporting their founders and providing guidance on major decisions, such as fundraising and strategy. They believe in working closely with entrepreneurs while respecting their autonomy.

If you are interested in reaching out to Desea Ventures, the best way is through a referral from someone they have a good relationship with. While they receive a large number of pitch decks, referrals from trusted sources have a higher chance of getting their attention.

Watch the full interview to gain insights into their investment process and learn how to approach them effectively. Don’t miss out on this valuable opportunity!

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Charla de Startup Grind Barcelona (15-5-20)

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