Raffaele Mauro from Primo Space VC Engages in a Conversation about Space Startups

**Welcome to the Weekend Italian Startup!** In this special edition, we have Rafael Maro, GP of Primo Space, one of the first VC funds investing in the space economy. Throughout this video, we dive deep into the technicalities of the fund and the VC industry, providing valuable insights into the space ecosystem, investment structure, and strategies.

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## Video Transcript
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In this video, we discuss various topics, including:

1. The key investors in the space economy, both internationally and from the Italian standpoint. We explore specialized VC funds like Primo Space and others in Luxembourg, UK, and the United States. Additionally, we touch upon the substantial role of government and military agencies in funding space startups. Learn more about these investors [here](source_link_1).

2. Primo Space’s investment thesis. Delve into the four specific themes for investment: the digital economy’s impact on the real economy, space accessibility, and upstream empowerment. Discover how Primo Space explores these verticals and the opportunities they present. Find in-depth information on their investment thesis [here](source_link_2).

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_Source links:
1. [Investors in the space economy](source_link_1)
2. [Primo Space investment thesis](source_link_2)_

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