ProVen VCTs Shareholder Day 2017 Featuring Malcolm Moss

# **A Year in Review: Insights from Beringea’s Founding Partner Malcolm Moss**

Welcome to “A Year in Review” with Malcolm Moss, Beringea’s Founding Partner. In this video, Malcolm provides valuable insights and reviews the past year’s events. Stay tuned as he delves into fascinating discussions on ocean currents and their impact.

## **Key Topics Covered:**
– Probe amputees and their significance
– The year in review: Examining the highs and lows
– The state of the UK economy and its influence
– Consumer confidence and its impact on retailers
– GDP growth, rising inflation, and potential interest rate hikes
– Exiting investments and seeking good exits for portfolio companies
– Importance of caution in high-valued markets
– Special dividends and the strong exit term performance
– The looming patient capital review and its potential effects
– Launch of Proven Legacy: An inheritance tax mitigating fund

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To gain a thorough understanding of the key events and trends shaping the past year, Beringea’s Founding Partner, Malcolm Moss, offers a comprehensive review. As he navigates through the nuances of the probe amputees and their importance, you’ll gain valuable insights into their impact on various industries.

Malcolm’s analysis of the UK economy sheds light on the contributing factors to the probe amputees’ success, including low unemployment, low UK base rates, and a record-breaking bull market. However, he cautions that warning signs are surfacing, with declining consumer confidence and struggling retailers. These factors, combined with slowing GDP growth and rising inflation, raise concerns about the potential for future interest rate hikes.

Striving for optimal investment strategies, Beringea has skillfully capitalized on the high market valuations to exit investments, resulting in their best year yet for these endeavors. However, caution has been exercised while entering new investments, with a focus on maintaining rigor and discipline, rather than chasing valuations upward.

The video also highlights the exceptional performance that has allowed Beringea to provide special dividends to shareholders. If you’ve invested in February with proven shares, you may have received a tax-free dividend of approximately £900 for every £10,000 invested. Probe n growth and income shareholders would have experienced similar tax-free dividends of around £1,500.

Malcolm provides valuable insights into the future, particularly regarding the potential impact of the patient capital review on VC T’s. The tightening of visa rules and the government’s search for increased tax revenue may lead to alterations in the 30% tax relief. Beringea has proactively taken steps to safeguard your investments by offering a small top-up with proven visa T and proven growth and income. By introducing Proven Legacy, Beringea aims to offer inheritance tax mitigation and broaden the options for debt investments.

Stay tuned as Stewart Veals, Beringea’s Managing Partner, further explores the performance and potential of VC T’s.

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‘A Year in Review’ – from Beringea’s Founding Partner Malcolm Moss

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