Protestors Opposed to SOGI Policy Lead to Premature Conclusion of Surrey School Board Meeting

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Anti-SOGI Protestors Force Surrey Board to End Meeting Early | Surrey Teachers Speak Out

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In this gripping video, Surrey teachers recount a disturbing incident at a Board of Education meeting. Over a dozen anti-SOGI protestors, armed with a megaphone and placards, make a disruptive scene that forces the meeting to be abruptly adjourned. Witness the tension and alarming behavior that left attendees fearing for their safety.

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It was actually a really scary space to be in. I have not experienced that in any of the board hearings. Surrey teachers say about a dozen anti-SOGI protesters brought a megaphone and placards to a Board of Education meeting Wednesday night, forcing School trustees to end the meeting early.

Heckling and centurion in the crowd, the board was anticipating some type of disruption because we were notified on Twitter and Facebook that an anti-SOGI group would be attending and would be protesting. [^1^]

This video, shared online by one of the protest organizers, sheds light on the incident. City News reached out to him but didn’t hear back.

Before broadcast when it started, board chair Lori Larson says she was in the middle of reading a statement condemning people’s behavior at the past few board meetings, saying they were using question period as a platform to spread hate and misinformation. Larson described one speaker’s behavior as he started reciting anti-SOGI words, some vulgarity. At that time, we were about 20 minutes into question period, I adjourned the meeting and left. A lot of abusive language, they were shouting that folks were pedophiles in education, and that was really upsetting. [^2^]

Tinder Burr with the Surrey Teachers Association says about 20 teachers attended the meeting, wearing rainbow colors. “I was afraid, I was afraid for my colleagues. It’s sad to think that our students, our members, and schools would have to have that sort of hate being spewed in those safe spaces,” Burr expresses. [^3^]

Larson says, next time, they may restrict people at school district events. “We can’t ask them to leave, we can not allow them onto school property, we can limit their attention by blocking maybe question period for an amount of time or asking just written questions,” Larson proposes.

Burr highlights that the BC Human Rights Code and the Canadian Charter protect sexual orientation, gender identity, and expression, and urges people to learn beyond the misinformation and inside information. “This is ultimately about human rights. This is about making sure that our spaces are safe, inclusive, and welcoming spaces in Surrey,” Burr emphatically states.

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Surrey teachers say over a dozen anti-SOGI protestors brought a megaphone and placards to a Board of Education meeting Wednesday night, forcing trustees to end the meeting early. Kier Junos has more.

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  1. CBC Article from yesterday, no ability to comment, I wonder why .. tried to post it here.

    Sounds like this issue is escalating since the school board which claims to welcome open dialogue decides which questions are appropriate, which are not? How can you engage in civil discussions when alternate views and questions are not accepted? We have such ambiguous laws now that people in power shut down dialogue with words such as hate, safe & misinformation. Now a threat of only accepting written questions? Why doesn’t MSM do a sympathetic report that represents concerned parents? Why doesn’t everybody get to clearly see what is being taught so an inclusive input policy can be implemented? Parents should maybe become more organized, forcing civil dialogue and debate?

  2. Why are we sexualizing children? And why is the government and media all in on this initiative?
    Adults can live how they want…don’t dare introduce adult themes to children, especially if they don’t belong to you!
    Is this an extreme viewpoint?
    All those that support the sexualization of kids, keep talking so we know who you are.

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