Progressing Towards the Singularity: The Wired City.

**Creating Wireheading City: A Solution to Homelessness**

Over the course of my travels in India, I had a realization about the fine line that defines civilization. It made me reflect on the state of homelessness, which is a growing problem in America. In this article, I will propose a solution that could potentially accommodate those who wish to opt out of society. Introducing Wireheading City, a unique concept that aims to provide basic necessities and entertainment to its citizens.

**Wireheading City: An Overview**

Wireheading City can be envisioned as a scaled-up version of Black Rock City, a temporary city in Nevada that houses 80,000 people. With a squared scaling law, Wireheading City would aim to accommodate the 582,000 homeless individuals in the US, with room for growth. Located in Northern Nevada, an area devoid of people and suitable for year-round living, Wireheading City would span a five-mile diameter.

**Basic Necessities and Entertainment**

In Wireheading City, citizens would enjoy the benefits of a Universal Basic Income (UBI) system. Instead of money, the city would provide them with the essential requirements for survival. Clean drinking water, along with a variety of food options such as rice, beans, corn, potatoes, and sugary drinks, would be readily available. To ensure shelter, every citizen would be provided with a Walmart-grade sleeping bag and tent upon entry.

Entertainment would also be a priority in Wireheading City. Citizens would be required to check in their IDs at the border, but in return, they would receive a government-issued mobile phone and a pair of wired headphones. Efforts would be made to collaborate with streaming platforms like Netflix, Amazon, and HBO to provide citizens with cost-free entertainment options.

**A Major Draw: Free Drugs**

To attract potential citizens, Wireheading City would offer a wide array of free drugs. Whether citizens have a preference for alcohol, marijuana, methamphetamine, or opiates, the city would provide them with their drug of choice. Additionally, practical healthcare needs such as ibuprofen, antibiotics, and birth control would also be available for free.

It’s important to note that the consumption of drugs would not be restricted within Wireheading City. However, the export of drugs would be strictly prohibited, and citizens would undergo thorough searches when exiting the exclusion zone.

**Maintaining Public Safety**

To ensure public safety within Wireheading City, violent and property crime would be strictly prohibited. Citizens would not be allowed to possess guns, knives, or any form of weaponry. The city would be pedestrian-only, meaning no driving would be permitted. Entry and exit to Wireheading City would only be possible through a winding and walled 10-mile path in the exclusion zone.

While all basic necessities would be provided for free, citizens would have the opportunity to engage in economic activities. The city would allow imports of luxury goods, electronic devices, and upgraded shelters. Citizens would also have access to free internet, enabling entrepreneurial opportunities. Prostitution would be legal within the city.

**Solution to Homelessness Crisis and Future Unemployment**

Wireheading City presents a significant step towards addressing the current homelessness crisis, as well as the impending unemployment crisis due to advancements in artificial intelligence. The city would cater exclusively to individuals over 21 years old, and a free one-way bus service would be provided from major metropolitan areas.

It’s crucial to emphasize that Wireheading City is not a prison, and citizens are free to leave at any time. However, they would have to embark on a 10-mile walk out of the exclusion zone.

**Addressing Concerns and Future Prospects**

Some individuals may argue that Wireheading City diminishes human dignity. However, it is important to acknowledge that the US currently has a prison population of over 2 million, which poses a greater threat to human dignity. Participation in Wireheading City would be entirely voluntary, and measures such as a consent form would be implemented.

Interestingly, it is anticipated that prison populations would decrease significantly after the establishment of Wireheading City. The savings resulting from this reduction could offset the operating costs of the state. Currently, prison serves as the only means for individuals to obtain free food and shelter, leading to misbehavior. In Wireheading City, misbehavior would result in imprisonment where drugs are not available for free, and the exit path is not accessible.

While Wireheading City primarily targets permanent residents, it is expected that some adventurous individuals from society would visit the city for leisure. The city could cater to these tourists, and entrepreneurial endeavors would likely thrive.

In cases where a child is conceived in Wireheading City, individuals would have the choice to leave the city or opt for medical intervention. If they choose to stay and have the child, suitable arrangements would be made for the child’s care.


Building Wireheading City could be the answer to the homelessness crisis faced by the United States. The concept offers a unique approach to providing basic necessities and entertainment to those who choose to opt out of society. By securing permission from the government to establish this “special economic zone,” Wireheading City could potentially become a privately funded project with promising outcomes.

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