Prigozhin Warns: We Could Possibly Lose More Than Just Crimea

**Title: The Escalating Drama around Mr. Pregosian: Understanding the Conflict – YouTube Video**

In this YouTube video, join me, Vlad Vexler, as we delve into the escalating drama surrounding Mr. Pregosian. This conversation aims to shed light on the situation, dispel misconceptions, and analyze the implications of the conflict between the Russian mod and Pregosian.

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### Video Description:


Hello beautiful Community! Thank you for joining me today as we embark on a conversation about the escalating drama around Mr. Pregosian. We will explore the current state of affairs and analyze the conflict between the Russian mod and Pregosian.

Before we dive into the details, let’s establish some context. Putin’s surprising statement, allowing Pregosian to extract people from penal colonies, has raised eyebrows. This unprecedented act of faith is usually associated with scenarios of civil war, not just conflicts. However, it’s crucial to understand that the situation in Russia is not unraveling as some may perceive.

In this thread, we will discuss Pregosian’s latest outburst and its connection to the escalating conflict. Additionally, we’ll examine the motives behind Pregosian’s involvement and the implications for both the Kremlin and the Russian people.

Pregosian, a self-proclaimed revolutionary with ties to the Kremlin, seems to be caught in a delicate position. Our analysis will shed light on his ambitions, the purpose of his interventions, and how far he has pushed the limits of control within the Kremlin.

Moreover, we will explore how Pregosian serves as a spoiler, redirecting blame for the war’s failures from Putin to Shogu. His actions attract resentment towards state corruption and incompetence, acting as a potential vehicle for the Kremlin’s manipulation of public sentiment.

Join me as we discuss the intricacies of Pregosian’s balancing act between his army, the Kremlin, and his personal ambitions. We’ll also address questions regarding the potential threats he may face and the extent to which this conflict has spiraled out of control.

To gain a more comprehensive understanding of the situation, I highly recommend listening to Mark Galeotti’s interview on Times Radio. His insights delve into Putin’s divide and conquer technique, which underlies the conflict we are currently witnessing.

Let’s take this opportunity to dispel misconceptions and analyze the complexities of the situation. Together, we can better comprehend the geopolitical landscape and its implications for Russia and its people.

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  1. Prigozhin has 3 kids. A man who cares about his kids, if they are not perfectly far enough from Russia to be safe from Putin, would not push things too far. As it is, Prigozhin will be lucky if he and his children survive 3 months. This is Putin, a chekist, KGB. He'd kill babies in their cradle to stay in power. Prigozhin was a fool.

  2. Vlad, I'd like to hear you address what I consider to be one of the most significant aspects of Prigozhin's uprising. Did you see how many people who came out to cheer Prigozhin in Rostov-Un-Done? I wonder if that would translate to Moscow if Putin were removed. My guess is that it would – in spades. Your thoughts?

  3. Prego wanted out of the frontline in Ukraine. Not profitable buisniess for the Wagner group with so much losses there. Loosing face aswell in the fighting alongside the russian army who does very badly and using untrained young boys as cannonfodder. Now he has the oppurtunity to establish a separete Wagner group in Belarus where most of the belarusian army do not want to participate openly in a war against Ukraine. This is a move I guess to have a hard core Wagner group army in Belarus that do not need to sign up with the russian army as the wagnerians fighting from Russia does from 1 of July. Good for Prego, Putin and the Lukachenko to have a hard core Wagner group with warfare outside of Russian borders. And can be used in future war with Ukraine, Poland and the Baltic states. Belarus will then be the provider for his army group on paper atleast.

  4. Опущенный шаурмовщик слился, значит всё потеряет. Пуклер после страшных откровений разрушил картину мира ваты и "заключивший" сделку с опущенным тоже таким образом слился и потеряет всё.
    А роSSияне узревшие сей цирк с конями только-только начинают понимать что уже всё потеряли.

    Привет из Мордора, уважаемый Влад. Берегите своё здоровье.

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