Prashant Prakash, Partner at Accel and IGF Founders Circle Member

# New India Inc: Paving the Way for India to Become a Global Powerhouse

Welcome to this captivating discussion with Prashanth Prakash, IGF Founder Circles Member and Partner at Accel India. In this video, Prashanth sheds light on the emergence of New India Inc, characterized by disruptive ideas, digital transformation, and a strong sustainability focus.

As we delve into the conversation, Prashanth passionately shares his vision of New India Inc transforming not only India but also the world. He emphasizes the potential for India to become a global powerhouse by leveraging its startup and tech ecosystems.

One key aspect Prashanth highlights is how New India Inc enables the creation and export of innovative products designed and made in India. The ability of today’s youth to absorb this global phenomenon is unparalleled and plays a crucial role in India’s journey towards becoming a leader in the global market.

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_This video features Prashanth Prakash, Founder Circles Member of India Global Forum. Source: [India Global Forum](

New India Inc is characterised by disruptive ideas, digital transformation, and a focus on sustainability. Hear from IGF Founder Circles Member Prashanth Prakash of Accel as he shares his take on New India Inc paving the way for India to become a global powerhouse. Join the conversation at

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