Praetura Ventures Presents: The Investment Event featuring Andy Barrow

**Title:** Building a Successful Business: The Importance of Community and Strategic Vision | Andy Barrow

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In this insightful video, Andy Barrow from Praetura Ventures discusses the crucial role of community and ecosystem in building a successful business. He emphasizes the significance of having a network of people who can provide support, introductions, and valuable advice. The collaboration and connectivity within a community are vital to ensure access to the right talent for your business[^1^].

Furthermore, the Lord Mayor acknowledges the criticality of a long-term strategic vision for the UK’s financial services sector. A sustainable and consistent approach is essential for the success of London as a Global Financial Center and to foster long-term investments[^2^].

Explore the thriving tech scene in Manchester and how it contributes to the overall success of businesses. Learn more about Manchester’s unique offerings and opportunities at []([^3^].

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*Mature was really founded on a more than money ether to build a great successful business you need a community in an ecosystem of people that can actually help you people that can turn to introductions advice and you want to make sure that you’re putting people in contact with the talent that they need.*

*In order to build a really successful business, we need to have a long-term strategic vision for our financial services industry and for London as a Global Financial Center to provide the consistency that’s needed to make long-term investments. Thank you.*

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Andy Barrow from Praetura Ventures talks about the community and ecosystem necessary to build a successful business, and their presence in Manchester. The Lord Mayor highlights the importance of a strategic long term vision for the success of the UK’s financial services sector as a whole.

Find out more about tech in Manchester:

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