PM Modi’s State Visit to the U.S. Involves Discussions with Numerous Intellectuals

Prime Minister Modi’s visit to the US included meetings with prominent thought leaders, such as Nobel Prize-winning economist Professor Paul Romer and Indian-origin Professor Neeli Bendapudi. Professor Romer discussed the importance of successful urban development and the need for government support in this area. He also mentioned his work on authenticating identities and how India’s Aadhaar system could play a role in this. Professor Bendapudi highlighted the potential for collaboration between higher education institutions in India and the United States.

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Prime Minister Modi visited several U.S Thought leaders. Professor Paul Romer spoke of strides in India’s diplomacy and its engagement with the world. Indian origin Professor Neeli Bendapudi interacted with Pm Modi and spoke about the interactions that are possible between India’s higher education with Unites State’s Higher education.
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  1. PM Modiji US Visit is not a matter of Pride.

    1) Manipur is Burning since 48 days and PM Modiji is completely SILENT.

    2) Forget about MANIPUR visit. PM Modiji didn’t have time to meet delegates from Manipur.

    3) PM Modiji’s Monologue Mann Ki Baat didn’t have even a word about the suffering of Manipur.

    4) Internet is Completely banned in Manipur since 3rd May.

    And many more numerous reasons.. Modiji deserves such Protest everywhere and by Indians as haven’t seen such a HEARTLESS, SENSELESS & SPINELESS PM ever.
    Truly SHAMEFUL !!!!

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