Peter Schmetz, representing Vorwerk Ventures, to attend the TOP 100 Swiss Startup Award Investor Summit 2020

**[Video Title] – TOP100SSU | Swiss Investor Startup Summit | Connecting with Swiss Ecosystem and Startups**

Welcome to the TOP100 Swiss Investor Startup Summit! Join me, Peter Schmitz from Forward Venture Sport Adventures, as I take you on an exciting journey into the heart of the renowned Swiss ecosystem. Get ready to connect with influential investors and discover fascinating startups from various markets.

At Forward Venture Sport Adventures, we are an independent venture capital firm based in Berlin, Germany. Our focus lies in consumer enabling tech and enabling technologies, making this summit a perfect fit for us. We are thrilled to have this incredible opportunity to be part of the TOP100 Swiss Investor Startup Summit.

The Swiss ecosystem is well-known for its innovation and entrepreneurial spirit. By participating in this summit, we are able to tap into this extensive network, enabling us to forge valuable connections with investors and startups right here in Switzerland.

With a melting pot of startups from diverse industries, this summit promises to deliver an incredible line-up of entrepreneurs and their groundbreaking ideas. From tech startups to innovative market disruptors, the TOP100 Swiss Investor Startup Summit showcases the very best of Swiss ingenuity.

Join us in this exciting event and unlock endless possibilities for collaboration and investment opportunities. Don’t miss out on this chance to be a part of the TOP100 Swiss Investor Startup Summit and connect with the future pioneers of the Swiss startup ecosystem.

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“I’m very excited to be here today at the TOP 100 Swiss Investor Startup Summit since it’s a very good opportunity to get in touch with the very well-known Swiss ecosystem, to get in touch with all the investors out here in Switzerland and especially with all the interesting startups from all different markets.”


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