Persona and Index Ventures Discuss Identity and Evaluating a Promising Opportunity

**Title**: Persona and Index Ventures: Revolutionizing Digital Identity | TechCrunch Live


In this engaging episode of TechCrunch Live, Mark Goldberg and Rick from Persona sit down with Ingrid to discuss the importance of digital identity in the era of AI tools and services. Persona offers a comprehensive range of services to help businesses effectively manage their digital identities and stay ahead of constantly evolving threat factors. With a focus on privacy and data security, Persona is revolutionizing the way businesses handle identity verification.

Discover how Persona’s platform approach to identity management allows businesses to create tailored identity experiences for their customers, whether they’re giants like Square or startups like DoorDash. Learn about the shift from seeing identity as a one-time transaction to a continuous relationship, where businesses need to ensure the same person is behind every interaction.

Join the conversation and get your questions answered by leaving them in the chat during the live session. Don’t miss out on this insightful discussion that explores the future of digital identity and its impact on businesses!

**Keywords**: Persona, Index Ventures, digital identity, AI tools, services, identity management, privacy, data security, identity verification, platform approach, tailored identity experiences, continuous relationship, live session

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Persona and Index Ventures talk identity, and identifying a good deal

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