Pearl Harbor’s Second Great Tragedy: The West Loch Story

Explore the untold story of the West Loch disaster at Pearl Harbor in this in-depth video. Witness the tragedy that unfolded on May 21st, 1944, leading to the second greatest loss of life on Hawaiian shores during World War II. Learn about the events leading up to the catastrophic explosion that rocked the harbor and the devastating aftermath that followed.

In this detailed recount, we delve into the geography of Pearl Harbor, the preparations for Operation Forager, and the heroic efforts of servicemen who tried to save lives amidst chaos and destruction. Discover the lost history of over 100 ships, including combat-loaded LSTs, and the harrowing experiences of soldiers and Marines caught in the midst of the disaster.

With expert insights and historical context, this video sheds light on the carelessness, risks, and challenges faced by those involved in the West Loch tragedy. Uncover the secrets hidden behind the military press blackout that followed the incident and the subsequent salvage operations that inadvertently unearthed the fifth Japanese submarine involved in the 1941 attack.

As we honor the memory of the victims and the bravery of the servicemen, join us in commemorating the legacy of the West Loch disaster. From the unveiling of a memorial to the amendments made to gravestones, let us remember the sacrifice made on that fateful day. Watch this video to pay tribute to those who lost their lives and gain a deeper understanding of this overlooked chapter in history.

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  1. Glad I subscribed, never knew about this, & I agree with what you said at the end…makes me wonder WTF we're they thinking…yeah, lets have a smoke on a floating ammo dump, what could go wrong??!!!🤷‍♂️
    I understand why it was kept hush-hush but it took the navy too long to come clean; the saddest part wasn't the deaths…is that it could have been avoided!

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