Part II of The Luxembourg PE&VC Tales with Pascal Bouvier from MiddleGame Ventures

# PE&VC Stories: Pascal Bouvier on Building a Career in Venture Capital and Setting Up a Fund in Luxembourg

In this second edition of PE&VC Stories, we have the pleasure of hosting Pascal Bouvier, Managing Partner and Co-founder of MiddleGame Ventures. Watch as he shares his journey to becoming a venture capitalist and explains why MiddleGame Ventures chose Luxembourg to set up its fund.

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Our discussion with Pascal Bouvier covers a range of topics related to the current state of the market, including the recent downturn in listed tech stocks and the correction in technology business valuations.

Moreover, Pascal delves into the factors that could accelerate the recovery of businesses that have suffered losses and shares his insights on what the future holds for technology paradigms such as generative AI and other artificial intelligence developments.

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### About MiddleGame Ventures

Middlegame Ventures is a European-based firm that invests in early-stage financial services technology (fintech) companies. The firm has established itself as a pioneer in the fintech space, drawing on the experience and expertise of its managing partners, Pascal Bouvier and Michael Meyer.

The firm has a unique approach to investing, leveraging a combination of finance, regulatory, and technological expertise to identify opportunities in the financial services sector that are poised for disruption. To learn more about MiddleGame Ventures, please [visit their website](

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In this second edition of the PE&VC Stories, Pascal Bouvier, Managing Partner and Co-founder of MiddleGame Ventures, deep dives in his professional path, which eventually led him to become a VC and the reason why MiddleGame Ventures chose Luxembourg to setup its fund.

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