Part 4: Unveiling the London Panel’s Exploration of Deep Tech Investment with C4 Ventures, Next47, IQ Capital, Breed Reply

**Title:** How Investing in Deep Tech Startups Can Be Challenging: Insights from Experienced Investors


Are you curious about the challenges of investing in deep tech startups? In this video, we delve into the experiences of seasoned investors who have encountered various hurdles and opportunities in the world of deep tech investments.

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## Key Highlights:

– Finding the right fit: Learn how compatibility plays a crucial role in successful partnerships with deep tech entrepreneurs.
– Valuation matters: Discover how the perceived value of a startup can impact investment decisions, and why it’s essential to strike a balance.
– Timing is everything: Understand why some highly promising startups are passed on due to arriving late in the investment game.
– Building a network: Uncover the importance of establishing strong relationships with industry experts, universities, and other venture capitalists to source promising startups.

If you’re an aspiring investor eager to explore the world of deep tech, watch this video to gain valuable insights from experienced investors who have navigated the challenges and reaped rewards from this dynamic sector.

To learn more about investing in deep tech, check out these authoritative sources:
– [Forbes](
– [TechCrunch](
– [Harvard Business Review](

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