Part 2 of Western Wear Clothing Haul: Unboxing All-New NOS Pearl Snap Items

# **Discovering Valuable Vintage Western Wear – Show Me Pickers**

Join John, the owner of Nevermore-Antiques and part of Show Me Pickers, for an exciting video uncovering a treasure trove of vintage western wear! With over 40 acres of farmland in rural Missouri, John and his family bring you along on their reselling adventures through eBay. If you’re a fan of unique finds and valuable vintage pieces, this is the blog for you!

**What We Offer:**
At Show Me Pickers, we scour garage sales, estate sales, flea markets, auctions, and junk shops to bring you the best clothing hauls. From pearl snaps to deadstock gems, we never know what we’ll find next. Be sure to watch until the end to catch every exciting vintage discovery!

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Featuring the uplifting track **[Dreams by Joakim Karud](**, our videos showcase the thrill of the hunt for valuable vintage pieces. For more music like this, check out *Audio Library*.

Get ready to dive into a collection of vintage western wear, including unique pieces like ‘Vacation’ by Dirty Heads featuring Mr. Belding, from their new album ‘Swim Team’. Discover the latest hits:
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With a mix of men’s and women’s vintage finds, this clothing haul is sure to inspire your own reselling adventures. Stay tuned for more exciting discoveries from Show Me Pickers! Don’t forget to like, subscribe, and leave a comment below with your thoughts and tips on reselling vintage western wear. Let’s keep on digging, keep on picking, and happy holidays!
*Remember – keep it natural!*

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