Panel Discussion: Scale-up Champions Demo Day #2

**Title:** Panel Discussion on the Advantages of Investing in Deep Tech Startups


Welcome to this panel discussion featuring representatives from various investment entities, including Innovo Venture Partners, SMOK Ventures, and Sunfish Partners. Joining them are three mentors from Scale-up Champions: Jakob Mikkel Hansen, Inga Uus, and Martin Goroško. In this discussion, we will explore the reasons why deep tech startups are worth investing in and the opportunities they present.

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This panel discussion brings together experts from Innovo Venture Partners, SMOK Ventures, and Sunfish Partners to dissect the advantages of investing in deep tech startups. Learn from industry leaders such as Martin Goroško, Jakob Mikkel Hansen, and Inga Uus, who will provide valuable insights into the deep tech sector and the potential it holds for investors.

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Panel discussion on the advantages of investing in deep-tech, with representatives from different investment entities: Maciej Małysz, from Innovo Venture Partners, Diana Koziarska from SMOK Ventures and Dr. Marcus Erken from Sunfish Partners; and three of Scale-up Champions’ mentors: Jakob Mikkel Hansen, Inga Uus and Martin Goroško.

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