Palco Conexo Secures Investment from Randon Ventures for TruggHub | 26/08/2021

# TruggHub: A plataforma digital para contratação de serviços de transporte [vid_tags]

Are you in need of efficient freight transportation services? Look no further than TruggHub! We are a revolutionary digital platform that utilizes crowdshipping to optimize the utilization of vehicle capacity for fragmented cargo. Our mission is to connect cargo offers with opportunities for maximum efficiency.

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In this informative video, we discuss the partnership between TruggHub and Random Ventures. Join us as Gustavo and Alex shed light on the investment in TruggHub and how it aligns with Random Ventures’ mission. Discover the benefits of the collaboration between TruggHub and Random Ventures as they delve into the world of freight transportation.

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🚀 TruggHub: A TruggHub funciona como uma plataforma digital para contratação e gestão de serviços de transporte (frete digital), que aplica o conceito de crowdshipping ao cenário de cargas fracionadas, buscando conectar ofertas de carga à oportunidades de máximo aproveitamento da capacidade dos veículos.
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