Pablo Marçal explica a relevância do NETWORKING para o sucesso do seu negócio no I SOS EMPREENDEDOR

**Title: SOS Empreendedor: How to Improve Entrepreneurial Skills and Overcome Business Challenges**

Are you an entrepreneur looking to enhance your entrepreneurial skills and overcome the challenges of today’s market? Join the SOS Empreendedor program, hosted by Ricardo Ventura and Eric Surita. By participating in the program, you’ll have the chance to discuss your business problems with experts and guests. Don’t miss this opportunity to network and elevate your personal care, relaxation, and mindset training business.

To join the program, simply fill out the form available at [this link]( Additionally, Axandi, an entrepreneur in the field of personal care, relaxation, and mindset training, is seeking to expand her networking connections to boost her business. Follow Axandi on [Instagram]( to learn more about her journey.

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– [SOS Empreendedor Instagram](
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– [AppNews Jovem Pan on App Store](
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Para participar do programa e ter a chance de ter seus problemas de negócio discutidos pelos especialistas e convidados, basta se inscrever preenchendo o formulário disponível no link:

Com apresentação de Ricardo Ventura e Eric Surita, o programa SOS Empreendedor é imperdível para quem busca aprimorar habilidades empreendedoras e superar desafios do mercado atual.

Axandi é empreendedora e busca alcançar uma rede de networking para alavancar o seu negócio de cuidados pessoais, relaxamento e treinamento de mentalidade.
Siga o instagram do programa: @sos.emp

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