Orli Tori, Partner at Triventures VC, to Speak at Digital Health Show

# **Title: A New Era of Digital Healthcare: Opportunities for Entrepreneurs and Investors**

## **Description:**
Welcome to our YouTube video on the future of healthcare! In this video, Orli Tori, a Partner at Triventures VC with 20 years of experience in the healthcare industry, shares insights into the emerging era of digital healthcare and the exciting opportunities it brings for entrepreneurs and investors.

Orli’s extensive management background includes leadership roles in healthcare, consumer health, and digital health. As the former CEO of Neopharm Israel, a leading provider of innovative healthcare solutions, and BIRAD Ltd., managing Bar Ilan University’s IP and research collaborations, Orli has a deep understanding of the industry.

The global demand for healthcare products and services is rapidly increasing, with healthcare spending in the US alone reaching a staggering $4 trillion. With aging populations, higher rates of chronic health conditions, and advancements in digital technologies, healthcare expenditure is poised to rise further.

The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the adoption of digital health services, such as telemedicine and remote monitoring, as healthcare authorities focused on minimizing the spread of the virus. This crisis has highlighted the flaws and inefficiencies in the healthcare system, driving the need for fast digital transformation.

Despite the urgency, only a small percentage of hospitals in the US have fully embraced digital strategies. This presents a significant opportunity for disruption and innovation in the healthcare market. The convergence of technology and healthcare, including artificial intelligence (AI), is attracting new players and investment.

Leading companies across various industries, including AT&T and Amazon, are now entering the healthcare field, recognizing its potential for growth. Additionally, the financial markets have shifted towards IPOs of digital health unicorns, signaling a changing landscape for investors.

Access to reliable medical information and digital support can be enhanced through widespread use of smartphones and broadband internet. This would empower patients and enable healthcare providers to deliver high-quality care efficiently, especially in underserved communities.

Triventures VC believes we are on the brink of a new era of care, where digital health solutions will revolutionize the industry. By combining the best of health and non-health technologies, such as fintech and cybersecurity, entrepreneurs can create groundbreaking innovations that improve patient outcomes and lower healthcare costs.

Join us on this exciting journey into the future of healthcare, where patients have more control over their health and data-driven solutions drive consumer-centric care. Together, we can transform healthcare and help people live healthier lives.

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Speaker: Orli Tori, Partner @ Triventures VC

With 20 years tenure in the healthcare industry, Orli brings vast management experience spanning across several industries including healthcare, consumer health and digital health. She was the CEO of Neopharm Israel, a $200 million company and one of Israel’s leading providers of innovative integrated solutions across the healthcare spectrum. Orli also served as CEO of BIRAD Ltd., managing Bar Ilan University’s IP and commercialization efforts as well as all research collaborations with the industry. During her tenure, the company built a diverse portfolio of start-up companies based on university IP.

Orli has served as a board member at Collplant Ltd. (CLPT) and Alcobra (ADHD) and is former Chairperson of the Israeli Technology Transfer Organization. Orli obtained her M.Sc. in Microbiology (magna cum laude) at Tel Aviv University, School of Medicine and graduated the Executive Program for senior business managers at the Tel Aviv University School of Business. Orli participates on the boards of: FeelBetter and Tunefork.


Founded in 2010, Triventures is Israel’s first VC fund to invest in digital health. Triventures is a global, early stage venture capital fund. We invest in exceptional entrepreneurs that seek to solve the industry’s most pressing challenges with best-in-class innovations that converge tech and healthcare. Our accumulated domain experience, unique partnerships and access to data help outstanding entrepreneurs build value creating companies that reshape healthcare.

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