Optimizing Your Work-Life Balance with Tina Wells

Meet Tina Wells: A Business Strategist, Advisor, and Founder

Tina Wells is a renowned business strategist, advisor, and founder of RLVNT Media. Over her 27-year career, Wells has gained immense wisdom and experience and worked with several prestigious organizations, including Dell, Apple, and The Oprah Winfrey Network. She is the bestselling author of seven books, including Mackenzie Blue and The Zee Files. Additionally, she is a board member of several prominent organizations, including THINX and the United Nations Foundation’s Global Entrepreneurs Council. In this article, we delve into Wells’ career trajectory, her work with RLVNT Media, and how she got into Target.

Wells’ Journey to RLVNT Media

Wells’ career started when she founded Buzz Marketing Group at the age of 16, where she worked with notable brands such as Dell, Apple, and The Oprah Winfrey Network. She was dubbed the “millennial whisperer” due to her expertise on millennials. During her career, she participated in the Henry Crown Fellowship, a program through the Aspen Global Leadership Network, which enabled her to realize that she was at an inflection point. Consequently, Wells decided to venture into something she loved- middle-grade content. She launched RLVNT Media, which focuses on culturally relevant representation. Wells also works with Target in a partnership to create and distribute middle-grade books, which has since expanded into product development.

RLVNT Products

RLVNT products aim to create innovative brands that launch in partnership with retailers. Wells launched Elevation by Tina Wells, which is her first partnership with Target. Elevation is a home office line. She also has another launch that she is excited about, and that will be announced soon. Wells brings her marketing research background, understanding of emerging demographics, and love for products to create these brands and tell holistic stories.

How to Get into Target

Wells has had a long career that has taught her that relationships matter. She cherishes relationships, which she learned during her upbringing in a big family. Her relationships have come through for her; she got into Target through the Henry Crown Fellowship, where she met someone who worked at Target. A friend recommended Wells after realizing that Target needed someone like her. Wells’ diligence and ability to deliver what was needed worked for her. Moreover, what differentiates Wells from most people is her ability to listen and hear what the opportunities are. She starts by finding out what is not in the store and then finds an opportunity to add value. She believes that a lot of times, people say one thing and ask for something else. Hence, she approaches clients by asking about their goals and objectives to add value.


Wells’ journey to RLVNT Media has been long and incredibly successful. Her ability to listen and cherish relationships has enabled her to get into Target and launch Elevation by Tina Wells. Her love for products has established RLVNT products, where she focuses on creating innovative brands that launch in partnership with retailers. Wells has a lot of wisdom and experience to share, as evidenced by her seven bestselling books and service with prominent organizations.

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