Opportunities in Energy Transition: Insights from Terhi Vapola, Helen VC, and Tanya Horowitz of Butterfly VC at Arctic15

**Title: Energy Transition Opportunities and Transformative Technologies in the Digital Energy Sector**

***Panel Discussion with Terhi Vapola and Tanya Horowitz***

Welcome to this panel discussion with Terhi Vapola, VP & Head of Helen Ventures, and Tanya Horowitz, Partner at Butterfly VC. In this video, we dive deep into the energy transition opportunities and transformative technologies in the digital energy sector.

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This discussion was recorded at Arctic15 Online, a startup event that connects people with a traditional matchmaking and networking focused mindset, and welcomes everyone who supports innovation and entrepreneurship. The event took place on October 20th, 2020 as part of the Digital Energy Track powered by Helen Ventures.

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During this conversation, we cover a wide range of topics, including the investment landscape in the energy sector, Helen Ventures’ approach to early-stage investing, and the emergence of transformative technologies in the market. Terhi shares her insights on the role of tech in solving global energy challenges and the need for agility and independence in decision-making.

At Helen Ventures, Terhi and her team focus on early-stage investments in startups that are transforming the energy sector and bringing new technologies into play. Their investment range spans from the seed stage to Series B, and their geographic focus extends across Europe and Israel, a region known for its intriguing energy technologies.

The energy transition presents numerous opportunities for startups to develop novel solutions. Terhi highlights the importance of technologies such as fusion, hydrogen, small nuclear reactors, and other sources that can ensure a consistent and reliable energy supply, even during periods of unfavourable weather conditions.

Stay tuned to discover more about the transformative technologies and innovative startups shaping the future of the digital energy sector. Don’t miss out on valuable insights from Terhi Vapola and Tanya Horowitz in this engaging panel discussion.

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Panel with Terhi Vapola, VP & Head of Helen Ventures
and Tanya Horowitz, Partner at Butterfly VC

Recorded at Arctic15 Online on October 20th 2020
Digital Energy Track powered by Helen Ventures

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