Omnes’ FCPIs in Motion Design featuring Voice-Over Actress Vanessa Réty

# Investing in Innovative Companies with FCPI from Omnes Capital

Are you a private investor looking to participate in the development of innovative European companies? Look no further than FCPI from Omnes Capital!

For over two decades, Omnes has been providing funding to promising start-ups in the tech and healthcare sectors through their FCPI. The advantages of investing in FCPI are numerous, including immediate tax reductions and exemption from capital gains tax upon exit.

Additionally, investing in FCPI allows for diversification of your portfolio while contributing to the growth of promising European start-ups. Omnes invests in a variety of themes, including sustainability, healthcare, and sovereignty.

With a team of expert fund managers, Omnes carefully selects and monitors each investment, ensuring the best possible outcome for their investors. Some of their success stories include BlaBlaCar, the leading European carpooling service, and ICTOS, an artificial intelligence company reducing the time to develop new medicines.

Investing in active assets always carries some risks, including potential capital losses and limited liquidity. However, with expert management from Omnes, your investments are in good hands.

Discover the benefits of investing in FCPI from Omnes Capital today and join the ranks of successful private investors.

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Merci à Omnes Capital de m’avoir choisi pour vous parler de leurs FCPI !

Réalisation : Sonia Lefèvre
Voix-off : Vanessa Réty

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