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Xavier Brunaud, Investment Director at Omnes, and Clément Galic, CEO and Co-founder of Unseenlabs, recently appeared on the “Écosystème” show hosted by Thomas Hugues. In this episode, they discuss the innovative work of Unseenlabs in the field of interception of electromagnetic signals in space. Unseenlabs is the first private European operator in this space. They deploy satellites that can locate ground-based electromagnetic emitters, with a special focus on maritime traffic. This technology has various applications, from combating illegal fishing and drug trafficking to protecting marine reserves.

Unseenlabs has already deployed three satellites, with plans to launch between 20 and 25 satellites in the next three years. They have gained traction in the market and are serving clients from various sectors, including law enforcement agencies, insurers, maritime operators, and NGOs focused on ocean conservation. The recent successful funding round of €20 million will help Unseenlabs expand its satellite network, strengthen its technical and commercial teams, and further establish its position in the new space industry.

Omnes, as an investor in the venture capital sector, recognizes the potential of Unseenlabs and the new space industry. The technological advancements, such as cloud computing and artificial intelligence, have paved the way for startups like Unseenlabs to enter the space domain traditionally dominated by governments. Omnes sees the value in Unseenlabs’ proprietary radiofrequency sensor technology, which enables the cost-effective deployment of small, intelligent satellites capable of generating a strong return on investment.

The collaboration between Omnes and Unseenlabs is driven by shared values and a strong team dynamic. The leadership team at Unseenlabs, particularly Clément and Jonathan Galic, have demonstrated their expertise, transparency, and ability to listen, which has given Omnes confidence in their partnership. Together, they aim to contribute to the protection and improvement of the world’s oceans.

As for the deployment of the satellite network, Unseenlabs already has the capability to map the oceans with its existing satellite. However, the full effectiveness and coverage of their services require the deployment of a constellation of satellites. In the coming months, Unseenlabs plans to announce additional launches to meet the data demands of their clients, who require frequent data acquisition in specific areas.

Overall, Unseenlabs’ innovative technology, strategic funding, and strong partnerships position them as a leading player in the new space industry. With their focus on protecting the oceans and providing valuable insights into maritime activities, Unseenlabs is poised for future growth and success.

*Source: [B SMART – Écosystème]([Unseenlabs](*

Xavier Brunaud, Directeur d’investissements chez Omnes et Clément Galic, Directeur Général Cofondateur d’Unseenlabs ont participé à l’émission “Écosystème” de Thomas Hugues. Cette émission est produite par B SMART.

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