Norwich Sea Unicorns vs Brockton Rox: Weather Forecast

## Weather for Norwich Sea Unicorns vs Brockton Rox

Welcome to the weather forecast for the Norwich Sea Unicorns vs Brockton Rox game. If you’re looking for more local news, be sure to visit [WFSB]( For additional YouTube content, head over to our [YouTube channel](

### Description
Join meteorologist Jill GIlardi as she brings you live updates from Norwich, where the Sea Unicorns are playing tonight. Jill will provide all the details on the weather conditions for the big game.

It’s a beautiful day with some clouds, but no rain is in the forecast. Don’t let those clouds scare you off from coming to the game. The first pitch is at 6:30 PM and the weather is cooperating with temperatures in the upper sixties.

So, get ready to enjoy a delightful evening at the game. The forecast is showing that the temperatures will fall to the low sixties, but it feels great for being outside in general. We want you to have a fantastic time!

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## Source
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– [YouTube channel](

Weather for Norwich Sea Unicorns vs Brockton Rox

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