Nicolas Tcherdakoff and Auriga Partners at Tremplin Entreprises

**Title: Tremplin Entreprises Contest: An Interview with Nicolas Tcherdakoff, Director at Auriga Partners**

Welcome to our exclusive interview with Nicolas Tcherdakoff, the associate director at Auriga Partners—a leading investment firm that supports aspiring entrepreneurs. In this interview, we delve into the highlights of the Tremplin Entreprises contest and uncover the winner. Stay tuned as we discuss how Auriga Partners plays a vital role in nurturing innovative startups and transforming them into industry leaders.

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*Nicolas Tcherdakoff: Good evening. We are here at the Palais du Luxembourg for the 15th edition of the Tremplin Entreprises contest. As the associate director at Auriga Partners, we are proud to support this event. Let’s talk about how the evening went.*

The quality and quantity of participating companies and entrepreneurs in Tremplin Entreprises have consistently improved over the years. Despite the tough selection process, we managed to identify seven outstanding candidates. Additionally, we awarded a grand prize that we are genuinely thrilled about.

*Interviewer: What is the name of the grand prize winner?*

*Nicolas Tcherdakoff: The grand prize winner is a company called Phone Optics. It is a unique optical company that stood out for two reasons. Firstly, the project showcased true originality in the industry, and secondly, the team behind it. The entrepreneur, who is still a student in his final year at the Institute of Optics, partnered with an experienced entrepreneur to launch this venture. The synergistic and friendly nature of the team impressed us.*

*Auriga Partners has been a longstanding partner of the Tremplin Entreprises contest. Can you explain why supporting innovative entrepreneurs is crucial for your firm?*

*Nicolas Tcherdakoff: Supporting entrepreneurs and their innovative ideas is not just our profession—it’s our passion. As an investment fund specializing in digital, information technology, and life sciences, we have a vested interest in nurturing and financially supporting startups. Our role extends beyond funding, as we provide mentorship, guidance, and various support services to help these French startups become leaders not only in Europe but also globally.*

Join us as we unveil the winner of the Tremplin Entreprises contest and delve into the passion and dedication of Nicolas Tcherdakoff, the associate director of Auriga Partners, in supporting and empowering budding entrepreneurs. Discover how Auriga Partners has played a pivotal role in transforming innovative startups into global industry leaders. Don’t miss out on this exclusive interview!

A l’occasion du concours Tremplin Entreprises, nous avons rencontré Nicolas Tcherdakoff, directeur associé de Auriga Partners, un fond d’investissement qui accompagne les entrepreneurs.

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