Nervos Network Presents Lumos Labs Developer Workshop

# **Developer Workshop: A Comprehensive Guide to Blockchain Technology by Daniel Kmak**
In this developer workshop, join us as Daniel Kmak, Senior Blockchain Engineer at Nervos Network, provides a comprehensive guide to blockchain technology, its fundamentals, smart contracts, and their significance. This workshop is aimed at both existing and budding developers who want to delve into the world of blockchain and learn how to utilize the Nervos Network Ecosystem to build universal applications.

## **What You’ll Learn**
– Accessing any asset on any blockchain.
– Creating and operating apps from any viable solution.
– Building a blockchain platform for universal applications.
– Understanding the Nervos Network ecosystem.

## **About Daniel Kmak**
Daniel Kmak is a seasoned blockchain engineer with extensive experience in developing scalable blockchain applications. He is among the top 2% of developers contributing to Stack Overflow, an avid mentor, and a senior blockchain engineer at Nervos Network. As part of the team building the world’s passport to blockchain, Daniel will be sharing invaluable insights on building universal applications on blockchain.

## **Resources**
To learn more about Nervos Network, visit []( For additional information about Lumos Labs, the partner organization for this workshop, visit [](

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This developer workshop with Daniel Kmak, Senior Blockchain Engineer at Nervos Network, was aimed at providing a comprehensive guide to existing and budding developers covering blockchain technology, its fundamentals, smart contracts and their significance. It also included a detailed walk-through of the Nervos Network Ecosystem and how developers can utilize the same to build universal applications.
Learn more about Nervos Network –
Learn more about Lumos Labs –

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