Navigating the Open Ocean with My Hero 130 Microskiff

**Title:** Testing Out the Hero 130 Micros Skiff for Ocean Photography and Fishing


In this video, Jake from Outbound with Jake takes the Hero 130 micros skiff out on the ocean to test his equipment and catch some fish. While the activity wasn’t as bustling as he had hoped, Jake still enjoyed his time on the water and gained more confidence in his gear. He’s excited to take his Hero 130 further offshore and capture awe-inspiring shots of ocean life.

To increase his chances of snagging some Yellow Tail and Bluefin Tuna, Jake rigged up his rods with a DTX minnow and a dropper loop, along with a fly line set up. As he sails out, he also captures some incredible shots of the vast ocean landscape, flexing his photography skills.

Follow along as Jake adventures out to sea with his Hero 130, and watch as he reels in his catches in awe of the ocean’s powerful and splendid nature.

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“Morning guys it’s uh Jake from outbound with Jake just gonna get ready today going out hopefully gonna catch some Yellow Tail we got a the rods rigged up I’m gonna be using the DTX minnow a dropper Loop and then I got a fly line set up so hopefully one. Of those things they’re gonna be biting at don’t with my eyes thanks.

That is Any luck no the great white oh my God yeah did it he didn’t uh he just circled you guys and then left yeah damn well they’re out here today huh good luck Thank you

So cold [Applause].”

Source: [Hoodoo Sportfishing](

Today was the first day I was able to test the hero 130 micros skiff on the ocean. While there was not a lot of activity with fish, it was still good to get on the water and gain more confidence in my equipment. Definitely feeling confident in taking this further offshore. #Photography #oceanphotography #blessed #viral #Fishing #Hobie #SoloSkiff #Yellowtail #BluefinTuna


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