NATO-Ukraine Council Convenes on Wednesday, Zelenskiy Announces, According to Reuters

**NATO-Ukraine Council Meeting Scheduled to Discuss Black Sea Security**
President Volodymyr Zelenskiy announced in his nightly video address on Sunday that a previously-announced meeting of a new NATO-Ukraine Council is scheduled to take place on Wednesday. The meeting, which was requested by Zelenskiy during a telephone conversation with NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg, will address the situation following Russia’s withdrawal from a year-old deal overseeing grain exports from Ukrainian ports.

**Meeting Date Agreed Upon Immediately after Telephone Conversation**
Zelenskiy emphasized that the date for the NATO-Ukraine Council meeting was agreed upon immediately after his conversation with Stoltenberg. He confirmed that the meeting will be held this Wednesday. This meeting is among the various events Ukraine is preparing for in the coming week to strengthen its defense.

**Preparation of New Support Packages for Ukraine**
As part of the preparation for the meeting, Ukraine is working on new support packages that will enhance the country’s defense capabilities. These packages include additional air defense systems, artillery, and long-range weapons. The objective is to further bolster Ukraine’s security in the face of the ongoing tensions in the region.

**Addressing the Operation of a Corridor for Grain Exports**
NATO spokesperson Oana Lungescu announced that the NATO-Ukraine Council meeting will specifically address the operation of a corridor for grain exports. This issue is of significant importance to Ukraine, especially in the aftermath of Russia’s withdrawal from the grain export deal. Lungescu also mentioned that the meeting will be held at the ambassadorial level. It is worth noting that the inaugural meeting of the council, which took place during NATO’s summit in Vilnius, was attended by heads of state or government.

In conclusion, the upcoming NATO-Ukraine Council meeting holds great significance as it aims to address Black Sea security concerns and discuss the operation of a corridor for grain exports. This meeting comes at a critical time for Ukraine as it seeks to strengthen its defense capabilities amid increased tensions in the region.

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