Naga Girl’s $14K Instagram Investment Turns Out to Be a Scam

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  1. Once I was cheated by Vodafone idea company they have told me to me send 15500rs they said they will come to my place to install the tower 🗼b4 they're coming they want to transfer 20lacs for that gst 18k ask me to send again finally all gone

  2. There are some Wannabe Instagram influencer who encourage and promote this kinda scams ,they get paid from the scammer and then they blindly make a video of them telling their followers HOW LUCH LEGIT THE PROCESS IS, even the comments section are blocked lol , beware everyone .

  3. For your kind information before you do any investment make sure you all check under which the company is registered. For ex if you’re investing in any bank scheme like FD or RD (Fixed deposit or Recurring deposit) you should know that all the bank are regulated by RBI. And also if you’re investing in Mutual Fund or Stock market they are regulated by SEBI ( stock and exchange board of India).

    Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, what’s app or you name is not an investment platform.

    And there’s lots of investment scam called pyramid scheme (Zalando the best example) and it may come again in near future all this are not regulated under any govt agency so be careful.

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