Nadia Bouzigues of Jolt Capital Focuses on Health, Pharma, and Biotech Industries

# Témoignages et impressions de Nadia Bouzigues – Junior Partner at Jolt Capital

In this insightful video, Nadia Bouzigues, Junior Partner at Jolt Capital, shares her expertise in venture capital and digital health. Jolt Capital is a specialized investment fund that focuses on tech startups with a strong emphasis on deep tech and a minimum of €10 million in annual revenue.

During her intervention, Nadia highlights the essential guidelines for entrepreneurs looking to venture into digital health. She stresses the importance of adhering to digital regulations and maintaining a rigorous approach in software development. Entrepreneurs should ensure there are no unauthorized lines of code and validate the legality of using data sets to train their machine learning models.

The feedback from young entrepreneurs depicted a growing awareness of the crucial significance of intellectual property rights in this field. This testimonial showcases the journey and experiences of successful entrepreneurs who have navigated the challenges of digital health innovation.

For more valuable insights and expertise, watch the full video featuring Nadia Bouzigues at Jolt Capital. Don’t miss out on the knowledge and inspiration that can propel your entrepreneurial endeavors in the digital health landscape.


Témoignages et impressions de :
– Nadia Bouzigues – Junior Partner – Jolt Capital

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