Motivos pelos quais o gestor não possui posições significativas em commodities são explicados

**Title: Marcello Silva on the Impact of Commodities in Stock Pickers Podcast | Episode 147**

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In this episode of the Stock Pickers Podcast, Marcello Silva, co-founder of Aster Capital, shares his insights on the impact of commodities in the current market. From discussing the performance of the top fund managers to the relevance of commodities, Silva provides a deep analysis of the market trends and strategies.

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#KeyTopics Covered
– Understanding the performance of top fund managers in relation to commodities
– How commodities affect investment strategies and portfolio allocation
– The philosophy behind Aster Capital’s investment approach and focus on long-term value creation
– The importance of identifying competitive advantages and understanding market dynamics for successful investments

Throughout the episode, Silva delves into the nuances of commodities and their impact on investment decisions. He shares his perspective on different sectors, highlighting the companies that have historically displayed higher accuracy in predicting market trends and creating long-term value. By analyzing the factors that contribute to success in the market, Silva sets forth a comprehensive approach to investment strategies.

Whether you’re an experienced investor or just starting out, this episode of the Stock Pickers Podcast offers valuable insights into the world of commodities and their influence on investment decisions. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to learn from industry experts and enhance your investment knowledge.

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Marcello Silva, sócio-fundador da Aster Capital, opina sobre commodities no episódio #147 do podcast Stock Pickers.



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  1. vou guardar nome de Asset para nao entrar…
    porque eu mesmo entrei la no fundo do poco no comodities, persisti, recomprei com crises de estatais, e agora estou rindo a toa. e pena que nao fui tao corajoso.
    Esta tese ai se ele foi Varejo e saiu do comodities ele deve da no negativo ate.

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