Mobile’s Inaugural Underground Railroad Bike Tour Takes Participants on a Journey through History

## **Folks ride through history on Mobile’s first Underground Railroad Bike Tour**


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Join us as we embark on a captivating journey through history on Mobile’s first-ever Underground Railroad Bike Tour. This immersive experience takes you through significant landmarks and historical sites, shedding light on Mobile’s African-American heritage. The tour, held as part of Heritage weekend, offers a unique opportunity to remember and honor Mobile’s rich history.

Led by an enthusiastic group of about 30 bikers, the eight-mile route winds through Downtown Mobile, making stops at various historical markers along the way. The bikers are cheered on by an excited crowd, celebrating their completion of this remarkable ride through time.

This Bike Tour not only brings awareness to Mobile’s African-American legacy but also highlights its association with the National Underground Railroad Network to Freedom. Mobile is home to the First National Underground Railroad Network to Freedom marker in Alabama, honoring Wallace Turnage, an escaped slave who boldly fled to the South during the Civil War. This connection to such a pivotal moment in history is significant, and the tour serves as a reminder of the importance of preserving and passing on this knowledge.

Participants on the Underground Railroad Bike Tour express their awe and appreciation for the experience. Many confess that they had previously overlooked the historical markers scattered throughout Mobile, but this ride has opened their eyes to the hidden stories within the city. One cyclist joyfully shares how this tour has allowed them to connect the dots between street names and their origins, providing a greater understanding of the African Town.

This captivating journey through time not only provides an opportunity to learn but also serves as a reminder of the importance of preserving our past. By participating in events like the Underground Railroad Bike Tour, we ensure that our history is not forgotten and that we can learn valuable lessons from it.

At the finish line, participants are greeted by a lively band and presented with gifts from sponsors and delicious food. The overwhelming positive response to this tour has already paved the way for next year’s event, promising an even more extraordinary experience.

To learn more about Mobile’s African-American Heritage Trail and its significance in the Port City, visit our website. Don’t miss this chance to discover the captivating stories behind Mobile’s history.

Reporting live in studio,
Ashland Mitchell
Fox 10 News

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Folks ride through history on Mobile’s first Underground Railroad Bike Tour

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