Mobile welcomes first nationwide office for senior care physicians

**[VIDEO TITLE]** – Sage Health Grand Opening in Mobile: Revolutionizing Senior Care

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Welcome to the grand opening of Sage Health, the first-ever facility of its kind in the nation, located on Airport Boulevard in Mobile’s Pinebrooke shopping center. Join us as we explore this groundbreaking primary care physician center exclusively for senior citizens and discover the array of exclusive activities and services offered to enhance their well-being.

At Sage Health, we believe in streamlining care for our aging population, ensuring that each patient receives the attention they deserve. Unlike traditional primary care facilities, our dedicated physicians only serve 400 patients, allowing for more personalized care and establishing strong doctor-patient relationships.

Discover how our center transforms the healthcare experience for seniors, eliminating the complexities that often come with aging. With a focus on providing comprehensive medical care and addressing the unique needs of our patients, Sage Health stands out as the pinnacle of senior healthcare excellence.

But why was Mobile chosen as the inaugural location for Sage Health? Join Asher as he speaks with Tyrone Cox, Vice President of Operations for Sage Health, and uncovers the factors that led to this decision. Explore the higher concentration of senior citizens in Mobile, the existing access to primary care, and the area’s specific healthcare needs that made it the ideal choice for revolutionizing senior care.

In addition to our Airport Boulevard location, Sage Health has plans to open two more facilities in Mobile, including a Midtown location on Government Street and another on Saint Stephens Road. We are also expanding our reach to Montgomery, Gulfport Mississippi, Little Rock Arkansas, and Baltimore Maryland, ensuring more seniors can access our unparalleled care.

From vibrant social events to healthy cooking classes, we aim to provide our patients with a well-rounded and fulfilling social life. Join us at Sage Health and experience a healthcare center like no other, committed to enhancing the lives of senior citizens.

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Sage Health opened its first facility in the nation and they chose Mobile as their home Wednesday.

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