Miramar Digital Ventures to Present in VC Speaker Series

# Miramar Digital Ventures: A Conversation with Bruce Hallett and Sherman Atkinson

Join Bruce Hallett and Sherman Atkinson from Miramar Digital Ventures in this webinar, hosted by UCIBL Applied Innovations. As the longest-standing VC firm in Orange County with their third fund, they will discuss their strategy and portfolio, and how venture capital has evolved in Orange County over 18 years.

Miramar Digital Ventures is a Corona Del Mar-based fund that invests in seed and series A technology. This webinar is sponsored by Knobbe Martens, one of the top intellectual property firms in the nation and worldwide.

In this video, Bruce Hallett shares about his experience in the VC space and his background as a former lawyer representing early Orange County tech companies like PairGain Technologies and Broadcom. Sherman Atkinson joins the discussion as they dive into Miramar Digital Ventures’ investment strategy, portfolio management, and their experience navigating through the current pandemic crisis as VCs in Orange County.

Learn from their insights and expertise in this informative webinar that provides a unique perspective on venture capital in Orange County.

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Join us for a conversation with Bruce Hallett and Sherman Atkinson from Miramar Digital Ventures. Now on their third fund, this Orange County firm has the longest track record of any OC-based VC firm. We will discuss the fund’s strategy, its portfolio and how venture capital has changed in Orange County over the last 18 years.

Sponsored by: Knobbe Martens

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