MediaRumble: Embracing Virtual Reality Storytelling in the Modern Era

## Virtual Reality: Transforming Storytelling in the News Ecosystem

Welcome to this session of Media Rumble, where we delve into the world of immersive storytelling and the innovative use of technology in the news industry. Join Francesca Panetta, the Virtual Reality Executive Editor at The Guardian, in conversation with Durga Raghunath, the co-founder of Firstpost, as they discuss the exciting possibilities that virtual reality (VR) brings to journalism.

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### The Power of Virtual Reality in Journalism

Francesca and Durga kickstart the discussion by providing context to the concept of virtual reality and its applications in the newsroom. VR, in its essence, combines computer software and 3D technology to create a vivid and immersive experience through text and imagery.

Francesca highlights the immense potential of VR in healthcare and gaming, with applications ranging from engaging storytelling to fundraising for charities. By placing viewers in the heart of a story, VR provides unprecedented opportunities for journalism, bringing news to life and fostering empathy and connection with the audience.

### Exploring Effective VR Contexts in Journalism

Francesca shares her experience in experimenting with virtual reality and emphasizes the power of putting oneself in someone else’s shoes. She discusses how VR can help viewers experience a different perspective, going beyond traditional documentaries.
To provide inspiration beyond journalism, Francesca also draws from nonfiction and fiction content, as the current VR landscape in journalism remains relatively limited.

### Unveiling Impactful VR Content

During the session, Francesca shares three different VR content pieces and the unique production techniques employed in each. By showcasing the diversity in storytelling approaches, Francesca demonstrates not only the effectiveness but also the creative potential in leveraging VR technology.

### Overcoming VR Challenges and Content Ideas for India

Durga and Francesca discuss the challenges faced in introducing VR in newsrooms and explore the need for specialized skill sets to create high-quality VR content. They also examine the importance of matching content formats to journalism requirements.

Additionally, they address the specific content ideas and formats that could resonate strongly with the Indian audience, utilizing Francesca’s expertise and insights.

Join us in this thought-provoking session as Francesca Panetta and Durga Raghunath shed light on the transformative power of virtual reality in the news ecosystem.

In this session of Media Rumble, we have the Virtual Reality Executive Editor at The Guardian, Francesca Panetta, in conversation with the co-founder of Firstpost, Durga Raghunath, about immersive storytelling and the innovative advantages of the use of technology in the news ecosystem.

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