Measuring Impact at the Brighteye Edtech Startup Festival: Exploring ESG, Impact, and Evidence

Welcome to day four of the Bright Eye Tech Startup Festival! We’ve had an excellent time so far and hope you have too if you’ve joined the program. For those of you who are new here, a warm welcome! I’m Rhys Brothers, Head of Research at Bright Eye VC.

Bright Eye VC is the most active edtech-focused fund in Europe, partnering with companies in their early stages to support them with investment and thematic support. This festival aims to provide a space for edtech founders and start-up team members to come together, hear from experts, and focus on the themes that matter most to them throughout the week.

Today, we’ll be focusing on measuring the impact of your startup and how to do it effectively. We’ll also have sessions on behavioral insights later in the day. Joining us as guest moderator is Matt Greenfield, Managing Partner at Rethink Education, a venture firm focused on education technology businesses. We’re also thrilled to have keynote presentations from Laurie Forcier, Director of Partnerships and Chief of Staff at Educate Ventures Research, and Suzanne Webster, Director of Impact at Babel.

Laurie will be sharing insights on getting intentional about evidence and impact in edtech. Educate Ventures Research aims to streamline and systematize the process of using evidence to improve edtech products and ensure they fulfill their promises. The session will also discuss the importance of collaboration between edtech companies, educators, researchers, and funders in creating impactful evidence.

Let’s dive into the keynotes and have an engaging discussion on impact!

For more details and to access all the recorded sessions of the festival, visit [Bright Eye VC](

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Day four was our ESG, Impact & Evidence day, starting with a session on what to measure the impact your startup makes and how to measure it.

The Festival brought together industry experts and leading Edtech operators for a week of digital events – all recorded and available here!

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