Managing Partner at Think Bigger Capital: An Interview with Enrique Fernández de la Puebla Otamendi

# Chats with Digital Leaders: The Changing Landscape of Boardroom Skills

Foreworth presents an insightful conversation with Enrique Fernández, the Managing Partner of Think Bigger Capital. In this episode, we delve into the evolving skills required in today’s boardrooms.

As the digital transformation revolutionizes businesses, only 23% of CEOs possess a technological background[^1]. However, this statistic primarily applies to traditional companies and publicly traded entities, especially in countries like Spain, historically not known for its tech industry[^1]. But as startups become prevalent, most co-founders, or even most CEOs, inherently have a strong technological element[^1]. Consequently, as these companies grow and potentially go public, their initial leadership teams will have a prominent technological composition[^1]. This implies that over time, the current percentages will likely flip, with the majority of boardrooms consisting of tech-savvy professionals[^1].

In light of this digitalization trend, we explore how investment funds are adapting. Previously, investment funds primarily consisted of finance-oriented individuals, with minimal expertise in technology[^1]. However, as the investment landscape shifts towards technology-focused enterprises, these funds now comprise teams with both financial and technological expertise[^1]. While they may lack a deep understanding of finance, these professionals excel at recognizing technological potential and assessing the viability of tech-driven entrepreneurial ventures[^1]. This convergence highlights the future outlook of embracing a tech-first mentality, leading to boardrooms populated by tech-savvy leaders[^1].

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As part of Foreworth’s series of Chats with Digital Leaders, we sat down with Enrique Fernández (Managing Partner, Think Bigger Capital) to discuss the changing landscape of skills found in boardrooms today. He shares his thoughts on the future of leadership and the technical skills needed for the job from an investor’s perspective.

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