Luhut’s Panic and Fear! Haris Azhar Collaborates with DPR to Expose Big Data

**Title: Revealing Controversial Court Proceedings: Unfair Treatment of Defendants**

Experience the shocking treatment of defendants in a mesmerizing court trial between Haris Ashar and Luhut Binsar Panjaitan in this riveting video. Discover the unprecedented actions taken by the judge, including restricted access for lawyers and journalists. Witness the violation of local laws and the blatant disregard for fair trial principles. This trial has captivated the attention of the public, raising questions about the impartiality of the judiciary system.

**Transcript Summary:**
In this video, you will witness the courtroom drama unfold as notable figures face accusations of defamation. The trial at the East Jakarta District Court has attracted public interest due to the alleged preferential treatment given to high-ranking officials. The proceedings have been marred by limited access and excessive security measures. The conduct of the presiding judge, including sexist remarks, has drawn criticism for breaching the principles of a fair trial. The video reveals the unjust treatment of defendants, pointing to a potential bias in the judicial process. It also sheds light on the continuing criminalization of human rights activists in Indonesia.

Find out about the mounting cases of physical and digital harassment against defenders of human rights, with over 140 victims documented between January and May 2023. Witness the intense debates between the legal teams representing Haris Ashar and Luhut Binsar Panjaitan within the courtroom. The dominance of one side’s supporters and the prohibition of access for certain groups by the police further adds to the controversy surrounding the trial.

Experience a thought-provoking portrayal of the courtroom as a stage for those in power to manipulate the legal system. This video challenges the notions of justice and highlights the urgent need for reform. Don’t miss this eye-opening exposé on the flawed judicial proceedings in Indonesia.

**Keywords/Tags:** BERITA VIRAL, court trial, unfair treatment, defendants, access denial, preferential treatment, judicial system, East Jakarta District Court, sexism, fair trial principles, criminalization of activists, harassment, human rights, legal team, controversy, police prohibition, courtroom drama, manipulation of legal system, justice reform


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  1. Haris Azar minta saham merupakan tindak pidana pemerasan walaupun itu namanya saham itu merupakan kepemilikan pemerintah bagaimana Pak Luhut memberi saham milik pemerintah, merupakan tndakan kejahatan luar biasa tapi ada pula yang mendukung tndakan kejahatan Hari Azar ini

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