Lindsay Mendiola, CFO of Kidz Medical Services, joins “Live with Brittnie”

**[Vid_title]: Live with Brittnie Welcomes Lindsay Mendiola, CFO of Kidz Medical Services**

Welcome to another episode of Live with Brittnie, brought to you by Miami Community Newspapers. In this episode, Brittnie sits down with Lindsay Mendiola, the CFO of Kidz Medical Services, to discuss her personal and professional journey, as well as her role in the healthcare industry.

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## Lindsay’s Journey to Kidz Medical Services

Lindsay Mendiola, a native of Cincinnati, Ohio, began her career in the midwest. After completing her undergraduate degree in accountancy at Notre Dame, Lindsay worked in tax accounting and consulting at Deloitte. However, her passion for healthcare led her to transition into the industry, joining North Shore University Health System in Chicago.

But Lindsay always knew that Miami was where she wanted to be. After pursuing her MBA with a healthcare focus at the University of Miami, Lindsay made her move to the sunny city. She landed a job at Baptist Health, where she worked for several years in various roles before eventually joining Kidz Medical Services.

## The Role of a CFO in Healthcare

As the Chief Financial Officer of Kidz Medical Services, Lindsay plays a vital role in managing the financial aspects of the organization. With her background in accounting and healthcare, Lindsay brings a unique perspective to the table, ensuring that the company operates smoothly and efficiently.

## An Unexpected Journey

Lindsay’s journey to where she is today was filled with unexpected twists and turns. From moving to Chicago with her then-boyfriend (now husband) to starting a new job at Baptist Health while eight months pregnant, Lindsay’s story is a testament to perseverance and seizing opportunities.

## Nurturing the Community

Lindsay’s dedication to Miami extends beyond her professional life. As a mother of two young children, Alexandra and Lucia, she understands the importance of community and connection. Her involvement with Kidz Medical Services allows her to contribute to the well-being of the local community, ensuring that children receive the best care possible.

Watch the full episode of Live with Brittnie to learn more about Lindsay’s journey and the important work being done at Kidz Medical Services.

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“Live with Brittnie” welcomes Lindsay Mendiola, CFO, Kidz Medical Services


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