Lecture by Steven Levecke, Partner at Capricorn Partners on Growth Investing scheduled for March 15, 2023.

# Investing in China and Venture Capital – Tips from Capricorn Partners

Are you considering investing in China or curious about venture capital? Look no further than Capricorn Partners’ latest presentation.

In this video, Capricorn Partners’ investment expert discusses the finer points of investing in China and venture capital. The company has been in operation for 30 years and manages around 500 million euros, split between publicly traded tech companies and private ventures.

Venture capital operates by providing finance to startups that cannot secure bank loans, with a temporary equity stake rather than a loan. With a portfolio of around 10 to 15 companies, the investment firm seeks to double or even quintuple its investment in a 3 to 7-year period.

For those interested in investment in China, the expert covers Capricorn’s China Fund and the opportunities within European and Chinese markets.

Now is the perfect time to gain valuable insight into investing in China and venture capital with Capricorn Partners.

Check out the full video transcript [here]( and don’t forget to explore the company’s [website]( for more information.

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– [Capricorn Partners Website](
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