Laurent Espic, associé gérant d’Omnes, encourage l’investissement dans les PME non cotées

# [Video Title: Investing in French Non-Public Companies – A Long-Term Commitment to Growth](

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[Comme nes hal]( is a major player in the capital investment industry in France, managing €3.6 billion. With a dedicated team of 5 professionals, our focus is on investing in non-public French SMEs. We provide financial resources and support to these already profitable companies, assisting them in their growth and development.

Our investment strategy targets two main phases: the transmission of companies and the reinforcement of their equity to finance their expansion. When we accompany these non-public businesses, our team actively participates in their decision-making processes, ensuring alignment with their development and acquisition strategies.

What sets us apart is our commitment to quality in our relationships and operations. We carefully select only a limited number of investment opportunities annually (typically 3-4). Our reputation and expertise in the market make us a valuable partner for entrepreneurs seeking to embark on new ventures with us.

In addition to proactive research efforts, we leverage our partnerships with LCL and networks of intermediaries and entrepreneurs to expand our reach. Since the establishment of our small caps activity over a decade ago, we have provided support to approximately 30 companies. Notably, over 60% of our operations are conducted outside of major cities, contributing to job creation across the country.

To illustrate the impact of our approach, let’s take the example of APF, a company specialized in manufacturing and distributing pool maintenance accessories. The founder wished to step back, and the second-in-command took the reins. With our financing and resources, we facilitated the transition and supported the company’s expansion, including entering new markets such as Belgium.

Investing in non-public SMEs is a long-term commitment, with no guarantee of performance. However, it offers the opportunity to diversify and secure one’s portfolio in an asset class traditionally reserved for institutional investors. Additionally, it allows us to target profitable businesses while driving economic growth by allocating capital to job-creating enterprises.

Join us as we strive to support the growth and success of French non-public companies!

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