Lauren Holubec: Leading Business and Workforce Development at Emerge Education as Senior Vice President

## 🌟 Get to Know Lauren Hollybeck from Emerge Education 🌟

👋 Welcome to our channel! In this video, we are thrilled to introduce you to Lauren Hollybeck, the Senior Vice President of Business and Workforce Development at Emerge Education. 🏢

At Emerge Education, we are a high-impact higher education consulting firm based in Mechanicsburg. Our mission is to support organizations, regardless of their size or industry, in addressing their challenging workforce development needs. From talent acquisition and retention to upskilling and talent management, we offer tailored solutions that make a real difference.

Lauren brings to the table a wealth of experience in both secondary and post-secondary education. She had the privilege of working at prestigious institutions like the largest and best Community College with Dr. C Laughs, as well as Harrisburg University of Science and Technology. As a proud Pennsylvania education alumnus, Lauren holds a bachelor’s degree in education and English from Kutztown University, a master’s degree from Penn State, and recently completed her doctorate degree in higher education leadership through Walton University.

🌍 Service and education are two core pillars in Lauren’s life. A proud transplant to Dauphin County, she and her family have been actively involved in their community for the past five years. With three children engaged in the Susquehanna Township School District, they embrace a wide range of educational opportunities, including participating in their soccer club.

Lauren had the pleasure of meeting many of you already and appreciates the connections she has made. She is grateful for the support and guidance of Una and the executive leadership team, as well as the instrumental role played by Wendy Tony, a former colleague from Harrisburg University, now with the Salvation Army, in introducing her to this amazing Rotary club.

🤝 If you haven’t had the chance to meet Lauren yet, she looks forward to connecting with you soon!

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